We have photo equipment for your student projects that you can borrow. Just come in and sign up with your KEA student card.The equipment can be kept for up to 3 days before returning it to the store.

*We have a limited amount of each item so keep in mind that it can be busy during the end of the semester.

List of equipment available:


Nikon D5300 35 mm

Nikon D5300 50 mm

Nikon D600 (full frame SLR for still and video, 24-85 mm/3.5 -4.5 VR + 50mm/1.8)

Canon 550D (SLR 18-55 mm)

Camera Equipment

Tripod (still photo and video)

On the go Microphone for SLR

Photo lamp stand

Flashkit Bowens 2x250W (2 lamps, 2 tripods, softbox,

Nikon SD-700 Speedlight

Reflectors (30, 50, and 120 cm)

Lastolite (58 cm)

Photo table

Backdrop Set (272 cm)
360 phototable with light


GoPro 6 set (Camera, MicroSD, charger, USB cables, mount, 3-way grip)

GoPro Karma GRip

GoPro Jaws - Flex Clamp

Smartphone equipment

Tripod for smart phone

3-axis smartphonestabilizer